WARNING: WP4.8 Upgrade Issue that is unrelated to theme used

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  1. OnePressTech

    For those of you have not been following the text widget upgrade fiasco...read on.

    In WP4.8 the text widget gained a visual editor. That's a nice enhancement BUT if you click from text edit mode to visual edit mode and the widget contains custom html when you hit SAVE the custom html will be lost.

    Based on current discussions on the WP Trak issue it is not clear that this will be resolved transparently in the WP4.8.1 release.

    So...if you have ANY custom html (e.g. MailChimp form) in your text widgets wait until this issue has been cleared up to update or find a work-around (like cloning the text widget, renaming it and putting your custom html into that new text widget).

    This issue is NOT related to the theme and may impact any installation with custom html in the text widget.

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