Version 1.2 of Awake Is Available

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  1. Webtreats

    Version 1.2 of Awake is available as of Aug 02 for download on Themeforest.

    Below are the changes:

    * Bugfix : Blog post on homepage option not working
    * Bugfix : Blog pagination not functioning
    * Bugfix : Syntax error, unexpected T_CLASS, expecting T_FUNCTION on select installs
    * Bugfix : Feedburner RSS URL sociable option not functioning
    * Bugfix : Google Analytics ID showing in footer
    * Bugfix : Comments not displaying on pages
    * Bugfix : Text disappears when cufon is disabled
    * Bugfix : Transparent background still showing if all header sociables are disabled
    * Bugfix : Revert back to stable version of prettyPhoto

    * Changed : Give blog post images empty alt=”"
    * Changed : Remove widget class from recent & popular post shortcode

    * Added : Shortcode wysiwyg content editor functions for new shortcodes
    * Added : YouTube & Vimeo video support in slider and shortcodes
    * Added : Updated TimThumb and Admin panel options for WordPress MU
    * Added : Support for all shortcodes in sidebar
    * Added : Tooltip shortcode
    * Added : Link, Alt & title attributes to fancy image shortcode
    * Added : color_scheme to body_block class for more style control
    * Added : Added ID attribute to support multiple galleria galleries on one page
    * Added : Added fancy_table shortcode
    * Added : Add recent comment and post tag shortcode
    * Added : Added align attribute to button & color_box shortcode
    * Added : Added DIV and SPAN shortcodes
    * Added : Added linkedin, myspace, delicious and custom defined sociable in header

    * CSS : Video & blog_post_video styles added
    * CSS : Video_frame class added
    * CSS : Added z-index:1001 to tabbed slider thumbnails
    * CSS : Change margin-top to padding-top so overflow:hidden can be removed for tooltips
    * CSS : Added padding so footer widgets have more consistent padding
    * CSS : Removed commented-out code for validation
    * CSS : typo – added “lights” to “classic_white” class
    * CSS : Restricted recent comment text color to #body_block only
    * CSS : Added icons for myspace, delicious, linkedin
    * CSS : Added 13 color variations
    * CSS : Search tooltip image retouched & psd included (awake/styles/_shared/search_tooltip.png)
    * CSS : Added shortcode tooltips
    * CSS : Added declarations for new variations
    * CSS : Modified recent comment styles

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