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  1. I recently made my site:, available using https (with self signed certificates, for the moment). When I visit the site, not of the images are visible. When I look at the source code, the images have urls that begin with http rather than https. Is there way to make the site work for both http and https? The site is

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  2. omg

    I don't there is a way to make it both for http and https. I had a problem recently with a client going from a https to a new website with http. The site was found if typing in browser, but if you googled the name of company the google link of each page could not be found because Google was looking for the https links. I had to get them an SSL certificate to fix it.

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  3. yea go into sql data base, and export you entire data base. then open it in a word pad, and find and replace the http with https
    then re-import your data base. as long as no changes or people signing up during this time you will be fine.

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