Twitter links not working.

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  1. gstilphen

    So, I updated to the latest version of Persuasion back in June when it came out, and took care of my twitter api settings and all has been well...or so I thought. I just happened to notice today, that Tweets are showing correctly on my site, but when you click on the tweet, the link is broken.

    For example, the tweet that is showing in my feed now should link to:

    Instead, it links to:

    I have no idea where to go from here. I have already tried deleting and reinstalling the theme, and testing with another twitter account. I have created new twitter apps and reset all of my Oauth data and keys on Twitter. Where do I go from here?

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. Elliott

    Hello gstilphen,

    Do this,

    Posted 4 years ago #
  3. sandyme

    Thank you. Solution worked.

    Posted 1 year ago #


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