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  1. OK -- I've done some reading to try and resolve why my Twitter feed suddenly stopped working. I've updated to the latest version of Echelon via FTP. I've re-saved my permalinks. I've also reset my Consumer Key and Consumer Secret Key and updated in Echelon. Any ideas?

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  2. omg

    Its most likely because Twitter updated their API and so My Site My Way would have to update it on their end. They won't, I don't believe they are responding to forums any longer. I suggest just using a third party plugin via Wordpress

    Posted 2 years ago #
  3. Ok thanks -- did not realize they are not responding to forums anymore. Do you have a recommendation on a decent third party twitter plugin that is easy to install?

    Many thanks,


    Posted 2 years ago #
  4. omg

    Hi Chris
    I use a plugin called SumoMe that shows social icons for people to share your website, but for a plugin specifically to link to your social media URLs you can try Social Media Feather that seems to get good reviews on WordPress. Also I may have misspoken about MSMY having not updated the API, it looks like some of my websites are using the MSMY social media icons, I believe you may need to just update your theme, but if you are not using a child theme you will lose your site, I just suggest using a plugin as mentioned.

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