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  1. theimagedoc

    For users who manage lots of images on their site, the "Image Gallery" feature in MSMY themes is not a practical solution.

    It is actually not a true "image gallery" system at all; it is simply a manually created list of individual images displayed together or in a slideshow, where every single image must be uploaded and/or specified one, by one, by one, by one. True Image Galleries are dynamic.

    For instance, let's say I'm a photographer and I want to have four website pages, each with a stand alone image gallery: one for brides, children, sports, and animals. As I have new images for my website, I should be able to simply upload my new files to the appropriate GALLERY (not page) and automatically see the new images displayed on my gallery PAGES. Alternately, any images I delete from a gallery should no longer appear on that gallery page.

    Ideally I would be able to force resizing to a maximum X or Y pixel size on upload, specify image metadata, set individual images to not display without removing them from the gallery, etc. I would also be able to specify the size and display style for the thumbnail images, and the full size images, using global settings in the MSMY preferences, and on a per-page/per-gallery basis.

    Yes, most of this exists in the very popular NexGen gallery plugin. Unfortunately, MSMY themes don't integrate very well with NexGen so none of the beautiful display and interactivity available in MSMY themes will work with NexGen image galleries. Also, the MSMY themes won't display NexGen images that specified as the "Featured Images" in posts or pages, which is a very big problem for MSMY theme users who need a gallery system for managing image assets.

    If integrating with NexGen is such a problem, why not start building your own image gallery system that WILL work with MSMY themes?

    Of all the themes and frameworks I have ever used, NONE have a true gallery system - even a basic one. Yet I've read hundreds and hundreds of complaints from the market for years on forums just like this. "NexGen doesn't work with "x" theme, and "x" theme developer doesn't understand how image galleries are really supposed to work."

    I firmly believe the value and appeal of MSMY themes for many WP users would be exponentially higher with a true, native, dynamic image gallery function.

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