Theme Updates for 01-30-12

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  1. Webtreats

    All Mysitemyway WordPress Themes have been updated to the version numbers listed below.
    To download the new version of your theme(s) simply log in and go to your “My Downloads” tab.

    Dejavu – 2.0
    Echelon – 2.0
    Elegance – 2.0
    Modular – 2.0
    Persuasion – 2.0
    Fusion – 1.7
    Method – 1.7
    Myriad – 1.6

    InFocus, Awake & Myriad, located on other marketplaces have been updated as well to the following version numbers. (please allow 24hours for the update process on other marketplaces)

    InFocus - 2.9
    Awake - 2.9
    Myriad – 1.6

    To learn more about the update see the update post on our blog:

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