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  1. Raj Khanna

    I seem to be missing the Text / Visual box on my homepage in Echelon. I have updated to the latest version and have also tried deactivating my plugins but still cannot resolve the problem. Have you any ideas please?

    Many Thnaks

    Posted 3 years ago #
  2. Elliott

    Hello Raj Khanna,

    Yes that is supposed to be like that. You can edit one of your pages and use the shortcode generator there and copy / paste the shortcodes into the homepage editor if you need to use shortcodes there.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  3. Raj Khanna

    Sorry if I'm being a bit thick but how do i alter the size of fonts etc on the homepage after i have copied and pasted. I understand you can copy short codes etc but the actual basics of typing in visual is missing. I would like to be able to type in different size fonts as per pages but this option seems to have gone.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  4. Elliott

    It's just the homepage that does not have it. Your other pages should be fine.

    To change font size then you can do something like this,

    <span style = "font-size: 12px;">Some text</span>

    Posted 3 years ago #
  5. Raj Khanna

    Thats all well if you know how to use the text side of things. I know the very basics and it was extremely useful having the visual side of things. Why have you removed the option it seems crazy especially seeing that it is still on the pages. It was easy to type something, alter it as you needed with just a touch of a few buttons. Do i really need to learn how to use HTML?

    Posted 3 years ago #
  6. Elliott

    It was like that from the start. You can still create a page and use it on your homepage.

    Posted 3 years ago #


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