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  1. theimagedoc

    Would it be possible to implement one of these options in regard to the home page slideshow...

    (1) Provide a "Deactivate This Slide" option on Custom defined slides?
    (2) Provide a custom URL target (and deactivate "read more") in the Slideshow Post Options?

    Here's the deal... I prefer to use "Custom Define Slides Below" option for my home page rotators / slides, BECAUSE I can target ANY URL from the slide setup parameters. I can also disable the "Read More" button if I simply want the slide message to appear and not actually link to anything. These options are NOT available when using a Blog Category to create the home page slides.

    For instance, let's say our church is starting a quarterly membership class. I don't need an dedicated POST for that message; I just want to the viewer to click-through to our Class Registration page URL. Then, when the registration is over, I want to remove that slide from the home page slideshow. However - and this is important - I don't want to DELETE the custom slide, I simply want to DEACTIVATE IT until I need it again for the next registration period. This is just an example.

    I realize that using a Post Category for the slideshow is much more manageable than creating individual Custom Slides, but there is no way to specify a custom URL in the (Theme) Slideshow Post Options. That means you MUST create a complete POST for the slide, which often means (unnecessary) duplicate content.

    So can you add a "deactivate this slide" option to the Custom Slides?
    Or can you add a custom URL and "disable read more" option when using Posts for the slideshow?

    Thank you...

    Posted 3 years ago #
  2. theimagedoc

    Anybody else in favor of this idea ???

    Posted 3 years ago #
  3. theimagedoc

    Bump - this really would be helpful...

    Posted 3 years ago #


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