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  1. I was looking to change the slider size in Persuasion and in searching the forums all I could find that seemed to apply was one topic on the Awake theme.

    Does the same thing apply? My goal is to only reduce the height. By doing so I am thinking that it is going to affect the fonts as well, and I want it to do that. I want to just reduce the height, not width, on all slider styles AND reduce the fonts proportionately.

    Also the font color will need to change as the client would like a grey background and that is making the slider fonts almost impossible to see. You can see the color scheme I am working with at

    Thank you!

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. PS - the next thing the client is going to want to do is reduce or eliminate the into section as well. Or at least make the font the same size and color that the slider text is going to be. Is that possible? see "Sample Page" at the same URL as above.

    (Sorry, should I start another thread for this one?)

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  3. Elliott

    Hello MichaelAlbany,

    You can reduce the slideshow title and content with this CSS,

    .slide_title, .slide_content, .slide_content p { font-size: 10px !important; }

    And you can disable the call to action area in Dashboard -> your theme -> Homepage.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  4. Good Day Elliott! I didn't know you worked on Sundays, Thank you.

    I'm not sure you caught everything I was asking about int he previous post. I am including some images for clarity.

    The first is image SliderSize-1.jpg In this image you can see the results of the code you provided above. That is great except that now the title and content are the same size. Also the font color is impossible to read. It needs tobe darker.

    Also in that image you will see the arrows indicating how I would like to reduce the height of the entire body are where the slider resides. I will produce new graphics today to fit this area. You can see the existing site here: to see where I am coming from and the is what I am developing.

    In the second image Intro-1.jpg you can see that the intro area is large and in this case, too large. I would like to reduce the size or eliminate the intro area all together. Also the font here is too light too. I will look at that in Skins but if that font isn't adjustable there can you provide a way to change it? This is not the call to action button or text, this is on the pages other than the home page.

    | Side Note: In regard to the Intro/Outro areas, I would love to see a way to disable them completely. I hate having every page show its name in the intro area. This is the case across all the themes I have used and it is true in most WP pages/themes. I never want something like that to be auto generated when I can easily create that type of 'title' in the body of the page via an H2 or H3 tag. If you look at (Construct theme) you can see how leaving it blank just creates blank areas on the page. I would say that not being able to easily disable these is probably my only real "complaint" about all the MySitMyWay themes. just about everything is customizable and you guys are a great help figuring out how, I would just like this as an option rather than having to code it out (which I don't actually know how to do btw). |


    1. Intro-1.jpg (61.2 KB, 1 downloads) 4 years old
    2. SliderSize-1.jpg (77.5 KB, 1 downloads) 4 years old
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  5. Elliott

    You can separate the lines like so,

    .slide_title { font-size: 10px !important; color: red !important; }
    .slide_content { font-size: 10px !important; color: red !important; }
    .slide_content p { font-size: 10px !important; color: red !important; }

    See here for changing the slideshow dimensions,

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  6. Nope. Not right. Changing the slider dimensions in framework.php changes the area of the slide itselfe but not the area of the Body (identified by both firebug and by defining color space in skins). if you look at you will see the slider with the new re-sized and the height dimension changed in the php file to 200. yet the area has not changed, only the image area displayed. I need to make that whole are shorter.

    Also this doesn't address the Intro issue on pages other than the Home Page at all. (see above)

    Posted 4 years ago #
  7. Elliott

    It's a process of changing the framework.php file, CSS edits, and also editing the slider background images all of which is explained in the link I provided. It sounds like your not doing the part about CSS edits and image editing.

    You can find the CSS for the intro around line 112 in /wp-content/themes/[your_theme]/style.css.

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  8. I think its the slider background images part that I am missing. I edited the Framework.php, changed the image sizes, and added the CSS code you sent. So that is the only part I can think I am missing. Because Persuasion doesn't have the Slider Option in the skin editor (like Construct does and I wish all the themes did), can you point me either to the file names or the directory that holds them?

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  9. awilson3rd


    I recently changed the slider BG image in persuasion. You need to add the following to your custom css:

    #slider_module { background: url("link to your image") !important; }

    I did find that unless the image is sized according to the size of the container in the framework.php and css styles (can't recall which) for the slider then the image will repeat.


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  10. OK I have resized everything I can find. The issue is the display block is still the original size.

    I need this to act exactly the same as the stock slider, just at a smaller height. I am flexible to that height as long as it doesn't exceed 200px. The goal is about 145-150px, and right now I have everything I can find (including the images) set to 147. Other than height it is working perfectly.

    If this is a matter of resizing the display block background image, I can do that if someone tells me where it is and what the file name is! All Firbug will tell me is "Display Block" and that isn't helping me much.

    I really don't want to go to another theme (as in not MSMW) but this has taken almost a solid week and I jsut can't seem to get it.

    I am also open to other ways to achieve the same final result.


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    Posted 4 years ago #
  11. Elliott

    Your only editing the framework.php. As seen in the instructions,, you also have to edit the CSS and slider background images.

    It shows you the exact lines in the link.

    Posted 4 years ago #


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