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  1. Hello everyone,

    i stared to update my complete homepage with schemata. I was able to update all pages. Now i want to update all posts too. Meanwhile i have a number of about 150 post. I will take day of work to update them all manually.

    Thatswhy i created custom templates for each post category and created a standard schema based on

    My problem: "BlogPostins" schemata needing variables: "headline", "datePubished", "dateModified" "author -> name", which i can't set up with a standard value. They have to be dynamically directly from the post. I want to insert the complete schema into my single.php below line 22.

    Now my question: How can i get the values"headline", "datePubished", "dateModified" "author -> name" dynamically into my schema? Please remember, i want to insert this script into my single.php.

    This is one of my standard schema i am using:

    <script type="application/ld+json">
    "headline":"has to bee dynamically",
    "datePublished":"has to bee dynamically",
    "dateModified":"has to bee dynamically",
    "name":"has to bee dynamically"
    "name":"Taxi Rostock",
    "@type": "TaxiService",
    "name": "Taxi Rostock",
    "url": "",
    "serviceType": "Transfer mit Taxi",
    "logo": "",
    "description": "Bestellen Sie sich schnell und bequem ein Taxi Rostock zum Wunschort und zur Wunschzeit. Rufen Sie an, schreiben Sie eine E-Mail oder nutzen Sie das Kontaktformular.",
    "@type": "TransferAction",
    "instrument": ["Volkswagen Caravelle","Mercedes Vito"]
    "providerMobility": "dynamic"

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  2. OnePressTech

    Since you are a non-coder Colin is there any reason you don't just use a plugin like ?

    Posted 4 months ago #


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