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  1. rickchapman

    This a query that may not be relevant to this forum, but then again may be.

    I've purchased and installed the Construct theme. Seems to work fine.

    The version is 1.6. I have used Construct to assign a blog page which is NOT the home page. I have not assigned a static page.

    I purchasde Restrict Content Pro from Pippin's Plugins. Same guys that do EDD, and the two programs fit together OK, though the documentations certainly needs upgrading.

    RCP is designed to limit access to pages on your website until you subscribe. The system does what it says, transactions can be processed, etc.

    The anomaly I've come across is that when RCP is activated, it restricts access to the home page text AND the blog page (which, as we all know), is often the home page for a WP site. It also restricts access to those pages I've setup to be blocked unless a subscription to the content is purchased. (That part is fine; it's the home page and blog that aren't supposed to be restricted and, in fact, there IS no way to restrict the home page by me. The RCP plug in does not provide any controls for doing this on the Construct template page.)

    Am I missing something? Has someone else out there dealt with a similar situation?

    Any insights greatly appreciated.


    This probably a Pippin problem, but I'm just

    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. Elliott

    Hello rickchapman,

    Yes it sounds like a problem with the plugin. Have you contacted the plugin authors?

    Posted 2 years ago #
  3. rickchapman

    Yes, and am waiting for an answer, which hasn't come that quickly, leaving me with a system that almost works but is failing at a critical point.



    Posted 2 years ago #
  4. rickchapman

    This issue is resolved and I'm going to share what I learned in the hopes of saving some of you some time.

    Restrict Content Pro and similar systems allow you to setup protected pages. Construct and other themes allow to assign a separate page to be your blog page, as opposed to the WP default, that uses your home page as a blog.

    These two page are highly connected even though they don't appear to be. To wit, while configuring my site blog at, I restricted one of the blog categories via RCP. This had the effect of blocking access to my blog under RCP.

    However, it also had the effect of blocking access to the home page text of my site as well. Clearing RCP restrictions on categories also allowed access to the home page of my website.

    I don't know enough about how WP is architectured internally to comment on why this happens, but it does. My piece of advice is to be careful when configuring your blog pages when using RCP-type programs and be aware that the separate blog page and home page are still tightly connected.


    Posted 2 years ago #


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