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  1. In the changelog for 2.5 one of the changes you made is:

    Ability to change prettyPhoto skin on a theme by theme basis

    How does one do that? Is there an option hidden somewhere in the Theme Menu, or is there a need to edit files?

    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. Webtreats

    Hi IamMarix,

    Nice catch.

    There is no option in your admin panel backend to change your prettyPhoto skin.

    This is actually an internal option we created for the Framework in case we wanted to use a different prettyPhoto skin for a theme.

    If you wanted to use this option you'd open up the following file on your server:


    And find the constants() function ( should be around line # 36 ) and then paste in the following line of code into the function:

    define( 'PRETTYPHOTO_THEME', 'light_square' );

    This would change your prettyPhoto skin to "light_square".

    prettyPhoto includes the following skins:

    Posted 2 years ago #


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