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  1. kevinbroome


    I am trying to upload videos into my post page, but it states use prettyphoto.

    i have downloaded the prettyphoto, but the read me file does not open and i donot know what to do with this program, i cannot therefore load up the videos.

    can you please give me the steps to open and use prettyphoto.


    Posted 3 years ago #
  2. Ruderic


    prettyPhoto is already installed in the theme. You need to create a link, pointing to your video/image, like this:

    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto">Link</a>

    This link will open the video in a lightbox. If you want to embed the video in the content of the page, just paste it's URL in the textarea where you edit your page. ("Edit Page" section of your Wordpress admin panel). Wordpress can automatically recognize videos from different online services, and create the player for them.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  3. kevinbroome

    still cannot get it to work, the link site on facebook


    does not work, help

    Posted 3 years ago #
  4. Elliott

    Hello kevinbroome,

    Are you using 2.0+? If so then you can use our shortcodes to make it easier,

    Posted 3 years ago #
  5. kevinbroome

    i have uploaded infocus 2.2 and my front page has gone wrong, i cannot correct it.


    Posted 3 years ago #
  6. Elliott

    Hello kevinbroome,

    I deleted your post as per your instructions but here is the documentation for updating,

    The problem that your having is that you most likely updated the wrong way. If you'd like then PM us a Wordpress and FTP login and we'll take a closer look at your issue.

    Posted 3 years ago #


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