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  1. gdhami


    First things first, thanks for the wonderful theme (esp. the portfolio!)

    I love the portfolio / gallery, but I have a big issue with it, right now it only support posts, that's OK until you realize that you can't control post order.

    Some gallery items are more important that others, so I really, really, really need to control order. Is there anything I can do to change this? (aside from re-creating all the 100+ posts?)

    Thanks in advance!

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. The only solution I found was to edit the post date for the items I wanted to rearrange. The most recent items will appear at the top so I just changed the post dates to accommodate what I wanted to accomplish.

    One thing to note, though, is that everything in my Portfolio is just a post with the image and no other content. I've excluded those posts from my blog by assigning specific categories to them that aren't shared with actual blog posts. This allows me to keep my actual blog posts in correct chronological order without affecting the Portfolio section of the site.

    Hopefully there's a better or easier solution for you.


    Posted 7 years ago #
  3. Elliott

    Hello gdhami,

    You can sort by title, date, author and other things but there really is no way to sort them on a post by post basis (i think). I did a quick search and found a few plugins which might help..


    Posted 7 years ago #
  4. Anonymous

    @Mike - Totally brilliant out of the box thinking! Change published date. . .

    Posted 4 years ago #


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