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  1. gsg3214

    I have a fillable form on my Method website that I can not make work. Once filled out, and the "submit" button is clicked, the form should send it to the directed email. It does not and I have tried 7 ways to Sunday to get it to work. The site is:
    User is: JD38401
    Pass is: 38401Critter911

    I'd appreciate any help!
    Thank you,
    Lynn Ashley

    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. OnePressTech

    Hi Lynn,

    A support request was posted online at the mysitemyway.com site see http://mysitemyway.com/support/topic/pdf-fillable-form-does-not-send-to-admin-email .

    Mysitemyway has not responded to contact requests or appeared on the forum for almost a year. I am another mysitemyway client who manages cloud-based websites and saw your request for help.

    With regard to your problem, it was unclear what your problem was.

    - You refer to a pdf fillable form which I could not locate (the default contact form is not a pdf form).
    - You have a pdf brochure but that does not have fillable fields.

    Things I fixed for you

    1) Your brochure page was not configured correctly and the image and text downloaded the DeBuque logo rather than the pdf file. I have corrected that for you.
    2) Your Method Theme twitter was configured to the default WebTreats…I removed that for you.
    3) Your contact form widget was not configured. I have configured it to go to your site's email address.


    You should not post your admin credentials on the web or your site could be hijacked by spammers to use to attack other websites. I have taken the liberty of changing your admin password. I have emailed the new admin password to your email address.

    Please change the password again…I should not know your admin password either. I only maintain access to the admin accounts of clients.

    I highly recommend you find someone who can assist you to maintain your site moving forward or migrate to a managed site provider such as WordPress.com. Just a suggestion :-)

    Kind regards,

    Tim Hibberd - Managing Director
    OnePressTech Pty Ltd

    Posted 1 year ago #


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