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  1. Hi guys!

    I was working on a site I am building, the same one mentioned in this thread: http://mysitemyway.com/support/topic/full-frame-slide-showsgalleries And as I mentioned in that thread I have the theme loaded on two sites, one dev and one "live" (new domain so no big deal). The sites are http://dev.madomains.com or http://boudoirphilly.com.

    So I am on the live site editing the skin, mostly just changing fonts to Cufon fonts mostly, turning off breadcrumbs, setting the menus, no real content yet other than the sliders and a contact page. At some point in setting up the fonts and building the contact page, I suddenly get a separation of the header, the body and another between the main content and the footer.

    So out of curiosity I re-upload the skin from the dev site and POOF! the issue is fixed. Before I did it, I downloaded the affected skin, so I figure I will upload that skin to the dev site to see if the issue appears on that site where it never had before. Yep! There it is! I left the dev site with the affected skin here: http://dev.madomains.com and the one witht he default fonts here: http://boudoirphilly.com so you can see the difference.

    So I am attaching the affected skin for you guys to take a look at and see if it does the same for you. No idea what combination did this but I think it might have something to do with the Daniel Cufon. The reason I say that is I had another client site that you helped me with that did something similar and they were using the Daniel Cufon font too. If I can find that ticket I will attach it to another message. on this thread.

    I would love to know what combination did this so I can avoid it in the future.

    Also, the only custom anything I have is the following CSS that you guys gave me at some point in the past and I incorporated on these sites.

    #body_inner { width: 90% !important; }
    #primary_menu { position: absolute !important; top: 80px !important; left: 450px !important; }


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  2. OK the site refused the zip file with the skin. Where can I send that for you to look at? I can send the good one too if you want it.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  3. Elliott

    Hello MichaelAlbany,

    Take a screenshot and highlight what is going on.

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  4. Elliot, the image on the left is the "bad" skin with the font changes (http://dev.madomains.com). The one on the right is the same skin without prior to the font changes (http://boudoirphilly.com/).


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  5. Elliott

    It sounds like your wanting to edit the slider background images which can be found in /wp-content/themes/[your_theme]/images/.

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  6. Elliott,

    I really am not wanting to edit anything. The fact is that this happened on its own. The only thing I edited was the fonts. I didn't change backgrounds, header or footer images, nothing. I added Cufon fonts and change the point sizes a bit. The result is the left side of the image.

    I'm sorry but I would expect that the position of the header and footers would not change when they aren't directly edited. Also, though not shown in the above image, the one on the right has slider images and text that I added while awaiting your response, and the one with the gaps is still using the default sliders that come with the program.

    I'm not trying to make one look like the other, I am saying that something happened on the backend that shouldn't have and I have the skin file that is causing the issue, and I have the skin file that isn't. They are identical except for the font settings. This would lead me to the conclusion that it is not a matter of editing anything except the skin file. What is causing the skins to interact differently is a matter of the code in the MSMW framework.

    In short, i found a bug in the software and I am offering you the information that would allow your programers the opportunity to fix it for the next version. In this case I am defining "Bug" as: A unique set of circumstances or settings that creates and unusual and unexpected result, often also considered undesirable.

    I have a fix/work around, Don't use all Cufon Fonts (or at least this particular combination of them at least). If you would like me to send you the skins so you can compare the code for each, PM me with an email address to send them to as the web interface is not accepting the zip files for some reason.

    I am just trying to help out a bit here.

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