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  1. LadyHarley

    I have used the Contact Us form since August 23, 2015 to contact MYMW
    about please adding my purchased MYRIAD THEME from Theme Forest
    to my account downloads here. I used that Contact Us form here because I did
    not want to place my purchase code here in the PUBLIC forum.
    Theme Forest has removed it from downloads there.
    I NEED the latest update for it.
    I would very much appreciate some kind of a response from MSMW.
    I hope MSMW cares enough about its customers to resolve issues like this.
    I have also purchased Elegance, but luckily I bought Elegance directly from here.
    I have sent 4 emails so far, even though it said support for TF Themes
    would be handled here, I thought this particular issue warranted PRIVATE COMMUNICATION.
    I guess not, so I am posting it here in the support forum as the Contact Page says to do.
    Please help

    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. rickchapman

    This company is dying. I strongly suggest you plan to move to another theme.


    Posted 2 years ago #
  3. LadyHarley

    Is beginning to get the same impression.
    Was soon going to get the bundle, as I have had excellent support
    from MSMY in the past. However with this issue i am getting NO RESPONSE.
    Nada. Nothing so far, it is really beginning to make me wonder.
    It is as if I am invisible. But my payment for the theme certainly was not.

    Posted 2 years ago #
  4. Elliott

    Hello LadyHarley,

    Send us a message here,, and our devs will get back with you.

    Posted 2 years ago #
  5. LadyHarley

    ^^^^ THAT is where I have sent the previous 4 emails already since August 23.
    It does no good, all I have received is a DO NOT REPLY informing me they got my message.
    Vicious circle.

    Thanks for contacting us! We've received your email.

    Please note, this contact form is for general inquiries only. We only answer theme support questions in our support forum here:

    Also, be sure to check out our FAQs and extensive documentation:

    ThemeForest Users:
    If you have just purchased one of our themes from and need access to our support forum you can register here:

    Please do not reply to this message, it was sent from an unmonitored email address.

    Best Regards,
    The Mysitemyway Team

    Posted 2 years ago #
  6. LadyHarley

    LOL still waiting, again no reply, here or in an email
    SEPT 5 2015 now

    Posted 2 years ago #
  7. webinjones

    LadyHarley - I just re-downloaded (all) of them and then zipped them all into one zip then uploaded it to this place for you
    (download is 100.32 mb and link auto-expires in 48 hrs!).

    And as the other customer mentioned - its time to move on to new theme foundation ( I prefer the enfold theme on themeforest)

    Posted 2 years ago #
  8. LadyHarley

    Merci beaucoup mon ami !
    Appreciated, that will save me for the time being

    I just purchased Ultimatum Pro, and MicroThemer Dev but will have to aquatint myself with all their wonders.
    However the person for whom I made the site for with Myriad loves it, so your generosity is much appreciated

    Posted 2 years ago #
  9. LadyHarley

    I still hope that MSMW will add my purchase of Myriad from Theme Forest to my account here at MSMW,.
    I really can not see why in the world this would be an issue.
    If I owned a company, that is exactly what I would do, especially if someone gave me their purchase item code.
    Is hoping they are just very busy and that this will get resolved.
    MSMW themes are easy to work with and simply some of the best I have ever used.

    Posted 2 years ago #
  10. LadyHarley

    almost a month now, still no reply

    Posted 2 years ago #
  11. LadyHarley

    Can someone at least tell me if this is going to be put back on theme forest?
    BTW, despises TF now with all their new bs rules.
    Has no plans to ever purchase another item from Envato.
    Suspects this may be why it was removed in the first place.

    Posted 2 years ago #


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