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  1. sigmatafdev

    Hi guys

    So, I have a bit of a conundrum here. I presented a mock-up site to a client (using the Persuasion theme), using his own little bland mock-up idea he put together in order to give me a feel for what he wanted. When I presented the mock-up, his idea had changed and he labelled it a "cookie cutter site". He has asked me for some illogical and silly changes and I hate telling a client that something cannot be done. There are two things that I am struggling with at the moment and any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Here is a link to the current live mock-up:

    Problem #1:
    The first of his requests is that we move the navigation bar to the bottom of the screen, so that the logo can "be grounded and rooted" better. He wants all text from the body to scroll behind the newly situated Nav Menu. In order for this to happen, I will have to move the header as well. Can someone please advise me on how I can get this right, or is it simply not possible without overly extensive coding?

    Problem #2:
    He would like for me to halve the size of the image slider on the main page and align it to the right (so that I may insert an image of his tree logo to the left in the darkened area of the theme. I see two possible solutions to this, but am not 100% on how to go about it without any snags. I am thinking that I either change the sizes of the slider in the custom CSS or in the style sheet and will then have to change the proportions in the image resizing tab in the theme options. The other, easier fix would be to edit the slider style images and place his logo in there as a background image. Can someone please advise me on how to go about either of these two ideas without running into snags, or advise me on a better one?

    The rest of his requests I can handle by myself, so help with these two would be greatly appreciated. I have put together an image mock-up of more or less what he is looking for if it helps get the point across:

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. Elliott

    Hello sigmatafdev,

    1. It sounds like you'll need to set the header position to fixed.

    2. That would take a lot of time and code. It would probably be easier to just replace our slideshow with something else.

    Posted 4 years ago #


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