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  1. bzeegers

    Hello I'm using the Modular them togehter with gravity forms plugin at
    I have two questions. For some of the question (list items) I would like to use a 2 column settings for some of the questions (eg. question on 3/4 pag with title: "In welke regio's heeft u locaties en/of dient de arbodienst diensten te kunnen leveren?") and have used the gf_list_2col css style from Gravity Forms. In the preview mode the two columns are shown, however on the live page it is not shown correctly.
    The reply of support from gravity forms is "
    Hi Bob,
    If you have confirmed that the form works fine in preview window but not in your front-end. That means that your theme is overriding the Gravity Forms styles with their own styles, in fact I can see many CSS rules being applied to different form elements from some files of your theme (e.g. style.css, arbokiezernieuw.css). You will need to contact with your theme developer to get assistance to prevent the theme doing this."

    Second question is that when I use Chrome the list box and list items are not aligned properly. Is there a solution for this as well?

    Hope you can help me out.

    thanks, Bob

    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. omg

    MySiteMyWay is no longer answering support forums it seems, you can look back at how long it has been since they have answered anyone's support questions. I have tried to track down "Elliott" and "Rochester" to get more info, but cannot, "Rochester" personal website is no longer active it seems.

    I suppose this means they are no longer updating the themes either, which I believe and leave everyone vulnerable. I suppose we could take over the asylum and just answer each others questions.

    Please pass this message along.

    Posted 2 years ago #


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