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  1. midnightpictures

    The logo at the top left of the home page default links to my homepage. I want to change the link its directing to. Where do i edit the link for the logo?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. Ruderic


    Go to the theme folder and open the file "lib/functions/theme.php". In line #611 you will find this code:

    $out .= '<a rel="home" href="' . esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ) . '"' . $class . '>';

    Replace it with:

    $out .= '<a rel="home" href=""' . $class . '>';

    Replace the placeholder URL that I wrote with your actual one. Try that and let us know the results.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. balticsamurai

    Worked great for Construct theme. Although the line # was different. Thanks a lot Ruderic!

    Posted 4 years ago #
  4. I'm glad it's resolved!

    Let us know if you need anything else.


    Posted 4 years ago #
  5. tbastefanie

    I am trying to do this too; also with the Construct theme. The problem is that I don't see a theme.php in the list on the right-hand side of the Appearance-->Editor screen. I've looked all thru the code in functions.php but don't see the code referenced above. help?

    Posted 2 years ago #
  6. Elliott

    You'll need to login to your server via FTP to find the file.

    Posted 2 years ago #


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