Jigoshop Categories page displays 2 H1s and "Archives for:" page title

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  1. qigong

    Have searched the forum and found no solution to this issue yet. Using Elegance theme and Jigoshop. Categories page layout displays two H1 tags and I need to remove one. First is in <div id="intro-inner"> and has a class of intro_title, second is in <div id="main_inner"> and has class of page_title. This second H1 tag appears with the words "Archives for: 'DVD'" or whatever the category is and we would like to remove it. Sadly, Jigoshop code doesn't seem to have it's own unique IDs or classes, so if I choose to use CSS to hide h1.page_title, then I lose all my page titles globally.

    I saw both of these pages and tried adding the code to the theme.php file but there was no change: http://mysitemyway.com/docs/index.php/Jigoshop#Product_Archives

    See draft site example page here: http://shasta.womensqigong.com/product-category/dvds/

    Posted 3 years ago #
  2. Elliott

    Hello qigong,

    Send me a private message by clicking on the "PM this user" link beneath my username and include your email address and I'll send you a copy of our Jigoshop child theme.

    Posted 3 years ago #


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