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  1. oceanz

    I have updated theme to 3.7. I have 2 pages that are https. When I view them as https the heading fonts are wrong. When the are http they are correct.
    I have a booking calendar plugin which I uploaded a custom skin for in the uploads folder. I notice when I have their default skin set it all works fine. However which I set the custom skin for the calendar the https fonts display wrong.
    I contacted the calendar plugin and they said to contact the theme plugin and sent me an email explaining why. I can forward this to you if you give me an email.
    I'll attach screenshots for the pages so you can see the difference.
    It seemed to be ok before I did the update.
    I would appreciate if you could take a look and let me know a possible solution.


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  2. oceanz

    Hi, I ended up deleting the custom skin from the uploads folder and placed it in the plugin's skin folder instead. Not ideal but it works for now.

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