How to translate Awakes contact form short code

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  1. Marten74


    I just had to revisit an old page I created with Awake. I stumbled over an issue I can´t quite figure out.

    In my local version of the page the contact form is translated to Swedish, but I noticed that it´s not in the online version.

    The short code I have in both versions are:

    [contactform email="###@###.###" captcha="true"]

    I searched your forums and found this page that I thought would help:

    I tried inserting this code instead:

    [contactform email = "###@###.###" success = "Tack för ditt meddelande!"
    subject = "Från: ###.###" captcha = "true"]
    [name label="Namn"]
    [email label="E-post"]
    [textarea label="Meddelande"]

    Instead of showing my translation the text over the fields were missing all together.

    I also looked in the .po file with po edit to see if I had missed something in the translation. Name, Email and Message were not even in the .po file by them selves, so I guess the shortcode generates the text regardless of the .po file.

    What am I missing here? I´m sure (I hope) there is a simple answer and I can feel stupid for asking this question =)



    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. Elliott

    Hello Marten74,

    Those texts should be in the .po file.

    If your still having trouble then try editing them on line 52 in the /lib/shortcodes/16-contact.php file.

    $content = '[name label="' . __( 'Name:', MYSITE_TEXTDOMAIN ) . '" required="true"][email label="' . __( 'Email:', MYSITE_TEXTDOMAIN ) . '" required="true"][textarea label="' . __( 'Message:', MYSITE_TEXTDOMAIN ) . '" required="true"]';
    Posted 2 years ago #


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