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  1. kbaumlier


    How can you change the font style for the mobile view of my site?
    I imagine with custom CSS in the mobile CSS area, but I am unsure of what to put there.



    Posted 6 months ago #
  2. OnePressTech

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but no one from MSMW staff have responded to this forum or email contacts for over 8 months.

    Regarding your query...sorry Kristen but you're now in the area of site customisation. You'll need to contract a developer or give us (the community) more info if we are to help: what font, what mobile device(s), what website (it needs to be live and a url provided).


    Posted 6 months ago #
  3. kbaumlier


    Ok thanks. Any san-sarif font. For Mobile. I am testing on my Iphone, Chrome and Safari - and both have a default font that has a serif.
    It is currently a default font with a serif - but I'm not sure what it is exactly.




    Posted 6 months ago #
  4. OnePressTech

    Hi Kristen,

    Looks fine on the iPad so you are likely not encountering any theme issues related to IOS.

    Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone to test with and won't have my Mac debug emulators back online for a few weeks so I can't give you the magic advice yet to help you out with your iPhone font issue. I can have another look in a few weeks if you haven't got it solved by then. You'll have to remind me in a few weeks though...I have created a new community at for MSMW clients who don't want to have to do a theme switch. It is sucking up most of my spare time at the moment. I will be looking at the BackStopThemes (MSMW theme fork) fonts and font handling in about 2-3 weeks time. I can take a look at your issue then.

    NOTE: MSMW is a ghost ship so no one can say how long this forum will continue to operate. If you want to avoid a website theme switch you might want to email me at and get on the mailing list. MSMW themes are over a year out of date so your next upgrade would be to move to BST-Elegance which is the MSMW-Elegance updated to eliminate php7 / WP4.7 errors.

    Kind regards,
    Managing Director
    OnePressTech Pty Ltd

    Posted 6 months ago #


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