Get rid of sample text on home page, and fix 1/2 screen split, & repeated copy

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  1. I am re-building my current website in inFocus. As I build in temporary location, I am seeing that there is sample text under the homepage slider (it's 3 columns). See SECOND screenshot. Also, the body beneath slider is split in half so that part of the footer shows up to the right of main content area. Finally, the copy of my homepage repeats a 2nd time at the bottom of the first. In FIRST screenshot, you'll see the end of the material followed by my centered Heading 1 info (Counseling Austin . . . .address. .. phone). Screenshots uploaded in reverse order

    Thanks for any help. Could not seem to find the correct search strings, and cannot find the settings to fix this.


    1. Screen_Shot_2017-11-09_at_3.29.56_PM.png (74.1 KB, 1 downloads) 1 week old
    2. Screen_Shot_2017-11-09_at_3.29.46_PM.png (67.1 KB, 2 downloads) 1 week old
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  2. Apologies for the tiny screenshots. .. my acutal screenshot size was far too large, and the only way I could find to get the pdf small enough was to scale it down to these sizes. . . you can still see what I'm talking abou thtough

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  3. Fixed the repeat issue by resetting all options in general settings

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  4. From Appearance > Customize, the Homepage looks perfectly fine, minus the sample text ("Four Reasons to get InFocus" and the 4 columns under it)

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  5. Ok, fixed the sample text . . . I had uploaded one folder too many. Now the only problem I have is the body of the pages being split in half with the part I want on the left, then the footer on the right.

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  6. OnePressTech

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  7. After about 6 hours of testing, turns out the half and half thing was my autoptimize plugin.

    This thread can be marked as solved

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