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  1. m.stairwaytoheaven


    I use the infocus wordpress theme. I use fancy images to make a display of the images of certain products.

    The overflow text - image caption and title do not show up if there is a space in the text.

    For instance, i type "knob 001" and the title and caption do not appear. However when a single word like "knob" is typed, the caption and title show up. I recently deleted and installed the theme again on the website and these issues showed up. any help would be appreciated.

    In the custom css section : .fancy_image_load { overflow: visible !important; } has been set

    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. Elliott

    Hello m.stairwaytoheaven,

    Can you send us a link to your page so we can take a look? Also paste the full code your using here for us.

    Posted 2 years ago #
  3. m.stairwaytoheaven

    Hi Elliot,

    The page url is :

    [fancy_images width="150" height="130"]

    [image title="Knob 001" caption="Knob 001"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 002" caption="Knob 002"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 003" caption="Knob 003"][/image]

    [image title="Knobs 004" caption="Knob 004"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 005" caption="Knob 005"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 006" caption="Knob 006"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 007" caption="Knob 007"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 008" caption="Knob 008"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 009" caption="Knob 009"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 010" caption="Knob 010"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 011" caption="Knob 011"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 012" caption="Knob 012"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 013" caption="Knob 013"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 014" caption="Knob 014"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 015" caption="Knob 015"][/image]

    [image title="Knobs 016" caption="Knob 016"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 017" caption="Knob 017"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 018" caption="Knob 018"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 019" caption="Knob 019"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 020" caption="Knob 020"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 021" caption="Knob 021"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 022" caption="Knob 022"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 023" caption="Knob 023"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 024" caption="Knob 024"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 025" caption="Knob 025"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 026" caption="Knob 026"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 027" caption="Knob 027"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 028" caption="Knob 028"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 029" caption="Knob 029"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 030" caption="Knob 030"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 031" caption="Knob 031"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 032" caption="Knob 032"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 033" caption="Knob 033"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 034" caption="Knob 034"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 035" caption="Knob 035"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 036" caption="Knob 036"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 037" caption="Knob 037"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 038" caption="Knob 038"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 039" caption="Knob 039"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 040" caption="Knob 040"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 041" caption="Knob 041"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 042" caption="Knob 042"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 043" caption="Knob 043"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 044" caption="Knob 044"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 045" caption="Knob 045"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 046" caption="Knob 046"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 047" caption="Knob 047"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 048" caption="Knob 048"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 049" caption="Knob 049"][/image]

    [image title="Knob 050" caption="Knob 050"][/image]

    Custom css is : .fancy_image_load { overflow: visible !important; }

    Posted 2 years ago #
  4. m.stairwaytoheaven

    Hi Elliot,

    Just a follow up. removing spaces doesn't work either. Something funny is up.

    Help would be appreciated.


    Posted 2 years ago #
  5. Elliott

    They all seem to be loading fine on my end. Did you get it sorted?

    Posted 2 years ago #
  6. m.stairwaytoheaven

    Elliot. Adding a full stop at the end as a quick fix. Im doing this individually to each code.

    There's some regex issue it seems.

    Posted 2 years ago #
  7. m.stairwaytoheaven

    Also i found a previous post with multiple users facing the same issue and there hasn't been any concrete solution or fix for it. Could you please let me know if downgrading to wp 4 will do the trick.

    Posted 2 years ago #


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