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  1. debmc99


    I tried to update the Persuasion theme using the BST theme. I may have made a mistake, but I got a parse error in line 17 in function.php

    Do you know what the problem might be? The hosting company activated a default theme and then I installed my backup, But I did not get the new theme to work. I am using WP 4.7

    Also, I have a lot of websites using Persuasion. Is there an easy way to update the themes for PHP7 without manually updating every theme? Is there a line of code I can paste to suppress any PHP7 errors? While I am grateful for the work BST has done, I am not good updating themes manually. Any help is appreciated.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  2. OnePressTech

    Hi @debmc99,

    Sorry to hear you are having upgrade troubles.

    1) Can you provide the full error message please?
    2) Also, who is your hosting company?
    3) And, what version of php are you sounds like you are on php7?

    Regarding suppressing error messages, you should have your wpconfig.php file configured to put errors to a logfile. Display errors should be set to false. If you get any warnings / errors related to the theme let me know and I will fix them.

    Regarding a simpler upgrade process, I could not agree more. The MSMW themes did not include a one-button automated update process like themes. I am adding that feature for the next release. Until then, unfortunately, we are all faced with manual theme upgrades.

    Kind regards,

    Posted 7 months ago #
  3. debmc99

    Hello Tim,

    I can't recreate the error message as I restored the previous version of the site to get things working. I am sure it was something I did. I deleted the old Persuasion theme from Dashboard>Themes after activating a default WP theme. When I installed and activated the new BST theme, that's when I got the error.

    The hosting company is Go Daddy and the account is using PHP 5.3, so maybe that was the problem.

    I did a fresh install of the BST Persuasion theme on another site and another hosting company and it worked fine.

    Thanks for all your work in keeping these themes going!

    Posted 7 months ago #
  4. OnePressTech

    You are most welcome @debmc99 :-)

    I have not yet had time to test the BST themes fully for backward compatibility yet. The theme works fine with no errors or warnings on PHP7 and PHP5.6 WP4.6.1 and WP4.7. I have not tested combinations of PHP5.3-5.5 and WP4.5 or earlier yet.

    Remember to save a copy of your custom skin locally and then copy it up to the new theme location if you have one.

    Thanks for the feedback that you had an issue with php5.3 on one site but no issue on the other site. On the site that worked, what version of PHP & WP do you have loaded?

    Posted 7 months ago #
  5. debmc99

    On the site that worked with a fresh installation and no previous version of Persuasion, it is PHP 5.6 and WP4.7.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  6. OnePressTech

    Cheers @debmc99...much appreciated for the update. Good to know :-)

    Posted 7 months ago #


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