Did I download Awake 3.9 or something else?

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  1. keylinm

    I have decided to download (& install) Awake 3.9, but I cannot find it anywhere. I logged into my account and downloaded it via the link (circled in blue). Based on what it downloaded, it is the same Awake 3.7 based on notes inside the CHANGELOG.TXT, which is dated 3/5/2015.

    However, the AWAKE folder is dated 7/15/2015.

    In addition, when I go here, version 3.8 is being listed as the latest one and I see nothing about 3.9:


    Also, why is the system telling me that I have 3 months of support left (also circled in blue). I believe that I have lifetime free updates of Awake after purchasing it.

    Can someone please help me clarify this...


    1. awake_expiry.JPG (112.5 KB, 1 downloads) 2 years old
    Posted 2 years ago #
  2. omg

    Hi KeyLime
    Sorry to say but you got screwed, it appears that MSMY no longer supports these themes or these forums, they seem to have not answered forums for about 2 months. You may want to contact Code Canyon (I am guessing that is where you purchased it from) and request a refund if that is possible.

    Yes you are suppose to get lifetime updates on the Theme so it works with Wordpress and doesn't crash, but I think MSMY is gone forever? The 3 months of support refers to forums (I don't know if that is Code Canyon's website forums or MSMY forums).

    Posted 2 years ago #
  3. Dogmut

    Theme forest rules have changed and you no longer get life long support but now you get 6 month or you need to purchase more. You will get ongoing updates for your theme but not direct support from the developer. This has been forced on developers by themeforest. if you have just purchased awake I would get a refund on the grounds that no support is being provided. then consider 7, enfold or avada. if you look at other themes as a rule check the change log as that will show you how well the theme is updated. Sadly, the mysite themes are very old now and have not been developed over the last couple of yrs.

    Posted 2 years ago #


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