Dejavu 2.6 wp 4.0 and built in [audio] tag breaks responsive menu

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  1. gungus

    I'm running dejavu 2.6, wordpress 4.0.
    I noticed that on pages that use shortcode for built in audioplayer [audio src="http://xxx.mp3] the menuetext in responsive mode is gone. This happens even with ALL plugins disabled.
    If I miss-spell the tag to [xaudio ] the menu text is back. (audio is not working)

    If I use another audioplugin Compact Audio Player [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] it works, but not with the templete [sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=""] that looks like the built in.

    The tag [audio] worked OK in WP 3.9.

    Are you aware of the issue? Do you recommend some other audio-plugin?

    BR Gunnar

    Posted 3 years ago #
  2. gungus

    I have now tried this also on another page, different hosting, running theme infocus with all plugins turned off. The same behaviour, no menu text in responsive mode. I tried several plugins and all gave the same behaviour. snapshot is from dejavu site.


    1. IMG_0762.PNG (77 KB, 7 downloads) 3 years old
    Posted 3 years ago #
  3. Elliott

    Hello gungus,

    Send us a link and we'll take a look.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  4. gungus
    I got some help to test from more mobile devices and it turns out:
    iphone iOS 7.1.2 shows menu text
    iphone 5/ipad mini retina (portrait) iOS 8.0 doesn't show menu text
    windows phone 8? browser crashes when [audio] tag is enabled in dejavu theme.
    I didn't check iOS 8 with dejavu theme on WP 3.9..
    Wordpress theme twentyfourteen doesn't have the same menu setup and thus no issue in responsive with iOS 8.

    Currently all plugins are inactive on

    (It is easy to say, don't use iOS 8.0, but that will be popular for some time now :-) )


    Posted 3 years ago #
  5. Elliott

    So it does not work in iOS 8.0 then. I'll flag this for the rest of our team to take a look.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  6. gungus

    iOS 8 with audio tag doesn't work, but pages without audio is ok with iOS 8.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  7. Webtreats

    Hi gungus,

    Thanks for your patience. To clarify, the [audio] tag does work on twentyfourteen?

    We're looking into this.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  8. gungus

    Correct. [audio] and iOS 8 with twentyforuteen can be checked on But this theme doesn't have the same kind of menu in responsive.

    I only have the issue on "mysitemyways" themes. It's the same with responsive menues in infocus 3.6
    The menu text can be seen briefly if you are on another page and select the page with [audio], when the page has loaded the menu text is gone.

    As it is WP standard audio feature I think it should work. I don't know if iOS 8 safari has become more strict, but at the same time the windows phone also had issues.


    Posted 3 years ago #


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