Can't get the slideshow to display on the home page

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  1. kjcornerstoneva

    I would really appreciate assistance with this issue!
    I just imported my boss's blog into her site using the Echelon theme.
    Under settings, when I changed it from Front Page displays Your latest posts to Front Page displays Front Page: Home and Posts Page: Blog, the slide show on the home page will no longer display.

    I have checked the advanced settings for the slideshow, pages, etc. and I can't figure out how to fix this.

    What can I do to have the slide show display on the home page and have the blog posts display under the Blog page?

    Thank you!

    Posted 2 months ago #
  2. OnePressTech

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but no one from MSMW staff have responded to this forum or email contacts for over a year. Don't ask me why they disappeared though...I don't know...I am just another MSMW client like you waiting for MSMW to respond.

    Regarding your problem...

    Set Front Page and Posts Page to undefined. Your home page should then look normal.

    The WordPress home page is a bit twisted...see There is a table at the end of this article that shows the different default template hierarchy depending on the home page configuration choice.

    PS: I will be looking at the home page / posts page over the next two weeks. It is not clear to me how MSMW designers related the theme Blog and Homepage settings with the native WordPress Front Page Displays reading settings. Any fix though would be to the BackStop Themes (MSMW themes are dead). See FYI below.

    I am a Managed WordPress Cloud supplier who needs to support clients on the defunct MSMW themes so I created a community fork of the open source MSMW themes at and upgraded the code to support php7 and WordPress 4.7 (I'm bringing the jquery up-to-date next). For the techies, you can participate in the community at

    NOTE: This excludes Awake and inFocus since these are proprietary ThemeForest distributed themes.

    BackStop Themes instructions:
    Note: Always make a backup of your current system before upgrading your theme in case you want to roll back.

    Manual upgrade options are:
    a) Copy the new folder contents into the old folder; OR;
    b) Rename the old folder, upload the new folder; OR;
    c) Delete the old folder, upload the new folder

    I tend to use option b.

    Remember to download a copy of the old theme folder first as a backup. If you upgrade using option b or c you will need to copy your skin folder and css file from the backup theme copy folder to the new live theme folder.

    FYI - BackStop themes is a community-based support environment for the now defunct MSMW themes. Please keep in mind that support is now community based so please be patient. None of the money you spend / have spent on MySiteMyWay goes to the new community-based support environment which was established and is maintained by OnePressTech Pty Ltd.

    If you choose to continue with BackStop Themes you can email to be added to the BackStop Themes newsletter....welcome to the new community :-)

    Kind regards,

    Tim Hibberd - Managing Director
    OnePressTech Pty Ltd

    Posted 2 months ago #


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