BST-Themes V1.0.1 - Hold the updates...just found a glitch

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  1. OnePressTech

    I recommend that the non-techies be careful in doing an upgrade from a MSMW theme to a bst-theme V1.0.1. You may want to wait for v1.0.2 after Christmas.

    It is not the point & click process I would have hoped. Since the bst-theme version is recognised by WordPress as a new theme the previous theme configuration needs to be copied across (theme configuration including custom css and JavaScript AND widgets).

    Additionally, there appears to be a glitch in the default data initialisation. This MSMW bug may have always been there but I have never switched a website from one MSMW theme to another before so I never noticed it. The newly installed theme may overwrite in the database a widget configured by the previous theme. If you switch back from the new bst theme to the old MSMW theme you may find one of your wdgets overridden with default text widget of links.

    Sorry everyone. I'm fixing the legacy MSMW bugs as fast as I can.


    Posted 9 months ago #
  2. OnePressTech

    More Details about the Widget only happens if you load / enable a Backstop theme and then switch back to the previous MSMW theme.:

    This is not an issue if you load / enable the BackStop theme and do NOT switch back to the MSMW theme.

    However, if you switch back and forth between the two themes to manually copy the old MSMW configuration across to the new Backstop replacement you may find the last widget in your list on the old MSMW theme has been replaced by some default MSMW links.

    I will sort this issue out for the January V1.0.2 release.


    Posted 9 months ago #
  3. Dear Tim,

    I´ m so glad I read your fast and early warning before switsching to Bst-themes. I´m using tons of various sidebars with numerous widgets... I don´ t want to imagine....

    Ok, I could have restored by backup but I rather wait for you fix this issue. Thanks for your warning and your efforts.

    TIm, you are very accurate and reliable.

    You are still doing that for free. If you need any donations please let me know! I mean it!

    Merry christmas!


    Posted 9 months ago #
  4. OnePressTech

    You're welcome Tom :-)

    I think the root cause of the upgrade quirk is that this process is neither the upgrade of a theme (BST theme uses different underlying theme naming than MSMW for legal reasons) or the switch of one theme for another (the BST them and MSMW theme are virtually identical technically...with bug fixes of course).

    So I think the issue is that the themes have different database tables (a WordPress theme convention) but share common database search & update naming.

    I knew when I create BSThemes that a global renaming would be the safest course but I didn't want to break anyone's custom code or css.

    I'll sort it out though. I believe this is an isolated issue related to the loading of sample content on installation. I am pretty sure I just need to add a pre-check for existing content to get around that.

    Stay tuned :-)

    Posted 9 months ago #
  5. OnePressTech

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