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  1. Erin0291

    I couldn't find an answer to this although I am sure someone else has asked at some point. I love the blog grid layout shortcode but I have over 40 posts. Is there a way to have the additional posts spill over to other pages? I'm still new to WordPress, but I think I should be setting it up as my official blog page (so it has the click next page after 10 posts) but how do I get the blog page to look the same as if I had used a shortcode? At this point the blog page is only listing the posts on a full width template. I would like a two column grid with image previews and excerpts. I feel like this should be really simple, but I'm just not sure if I should be looking to add code on the page with the blog shortcode, or if I should be adding css code to the 'official' blog page layout?

    Thanks in advance

    Posted 3 years ago #
  2. Elliott

    Hello Erin0291,

    You would have to use the blog_grid shortcode for that,

    Posted 3 years ago #
  3. Erin0291

    Hi Elliott,
    Thanks for the reply. I am already using the blog shortcode, but the limit is 40 posts on one page, which leaves many of our older posts 'invisible' for our users. I finally found an example of what I want to do here:
    At first I thought I was looking for a specific code to add to the blog page that tells wordpress to only feed in posts with certain categories. The problem is I am basically in need of two blog pages, one to show all posts related to our industry news, and the other to act as a showcase for projects. The audiences for these two sections are very different for us. That's why I was hoping there was a way to get unlimited posts divided over different pages while still using the blog shortcode. I don't know if that makes sense, or if it is possible.

    Thanks again,

    Posted 3 years ago #
  4. Elliott

    There shouldn't be any limit. Perhaps it's a plugin your using?

    You can set the showposts value in the shortcode to whatever you want.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  5. Erin0291

    Thank you.

    Posted 3 years ago #


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