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  1. OnePressTech

    For those of you that have switched from MSMW themes to BackStop themes I finally got my EOY taxes filed and my last minute EOY client jobs under control so I am putting the hours in to get the next release of BackStop Themes out with WP4.8 testing completed. This next release will also address other issues that crept in over the years of MSMW neglect like a properly functioning skins manager.

    Stay tuned. I expect to release by 24 June 2017.

    Tim Hibberd
    Managing Director OnePressTech Pty Ltd
    Founder BackStop Themes

    Posted 4 months ago #
  2. mattsoret


    Thanks for all of your continued efforts and hard work!

    Much appreciated!

    Posted 4 months ago #
  3. OnePressTech

    You are most welcome Matt. I'm just sorry it's taking me so long. Life has a habit of filling time you think you have free...especially governments and paperwork :-)

    I spent yesterday reviewing the versions of all the sub-features of the themes. The MSMW team didn't write any of the fancy theme features...they just appropriated (in an open source fashion of course) code written by others. In particular I need to deal with TimThumb and Cufon fonts. The guy who wrote the Cufon code stopped hosting the Cufon generator in early 2017 and the Google trends show a declining interest in Cufon. I won't abandon Cufon because my goal is to allow ex-MSMW users on the BackStop Themes to keep using them without making any changes as long as possible but I will need to add more font selection choices for those who want to move forward with the themes (like Google fonts).

    For those techies in the is the current state of the MSMW features. All this code works so there is no imperative to switch it out...but it would be good to tap into more recently maintained source streams moving forward to pick up on the trends. I will be doing this in consultation with the BackStop Themes community though so that I ensure that changes don't break any custom coding you may have in place on legacy sites (for example keeping CSS naming consistent where possible).

    The MSMW feature list:
    jcarousel: 0.2.8 (Now 0.3.5 semi-dormant)(NOTE: May be compatibility issue when moving to v0.3.x)
    galleria: 1.2.7 (now 1.5.7 - dormant but recently revitalised...hopefully will continue)
    prettyphoto: 3.1.5 (3.1.6 - dormant)
    Cufon: ! no version !
    Flexslider: 2.0 (2.6.3 - consistently semi-active but nothing over last year)
    Cluetip: 1.1.2 (now unsupported...move to tooltipster!)
    TimThumb: 2.8.14 (now unsupported - phase out - replace!)
    jquery.form: 2.49 (now 4.2.1 - dormant but recently revitalised...possibly)
    jquery.nivo.slider: 3.2 ( change in 5 years...move to slick slider!)
    respond.js: 1.1.0 (dormant - may not need this anymore...check...may only apply to old MSIE browsers)
    scrollable.js: 1.2.5 (1.2.7 flowplayer from maxcdn only! - dormant for 5 years)
    tabs.js: 1.2.5 (1.2.7 flowplayer from maxcdn only! - dormant for 5 years)

    cssmenu: ! (dormant for 9 years)
    reflection: jquery 1.03 (jquery 1.11 - dormant for 4 years)
    hoverintent: 2007.03.27 (2014.08.11 periodically active but low activity)
    easing: 1.3 (dormant for 10 years)
    nospam - 1.3 (1.4 virtually no activity. one update in 2015 that should be added to BSTheme)
    Custom form elements: (dormant for 3 years and sadly the author passed away)
    jquery.actual: 1.0.5 (1.0.19 - occasional updates...within 6 months)
    jscroll: 1.1 (dormant for last 6 years)
    fitvids: 1.0 (1.1 - occasional updates...within 1 year)
    vimeoapi - migrate from froogaloop
    youtubeapi - probably

    breadcrumbs-plus: 0.3 (0.4 missing WP plugin - can download it if you know link but can't find it in WP plugin search...interesting)

    colorpicker: ! (dormant for 8 years Noted that author created bootstrap version in 2013)
    uploader: ! (old version dormant but new version is active - see -included AWS S3 upload)
    tooltip - 1.2.5 (1.2.7 flowplayer from maxcdn! - dormant for 5 years)

    NOTE: I will be looking to ensure changes do not affect the installed base. It is likely I will be running a V1 and a V2 stream so people who don't want to touch their installation other than to keep it running can stick with the V1 stream.


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