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  1. OnePressTech

    Hi Everyone,

    Today I released BackStop Themes V2.8.4. No enhancements yet...still working through php7 and WordPress compliance issues.

    Noteworthy Changes:
    Housekeeping: Cleaned up CSS and php files to eliminate more ThemeCheck warnings & errors
    Housekeeping: Removed TimThumb - no longer supported by author, some hosting companies, WordPress Theme review team (NOTE: I left the user interface setting in place for will be removed in the next release)
    Bugfix: Fixed Skin Manager not saving issue (missed a preg_replace modification required for correct php7 operation in last release)
    Bugfix: Fixed a shortcode issue in php7
    Bugfix: Fix Cufon BOLD L Character Flaw on Chrome browsers

    Upcoming Release Objectives:
    1) Maintain backward compatibility (no database schema changes or HTML / CSS naming convention changes)
    2) Finish the clean-up
    3) Add an auto-update button
    4) Focus on making more use of the Customizer
    5) Add in Google Fonts support (I will continue to support the Cufon fonts as long as possible...the original developer of the Cufon code is ramping down due to lack of market interest in Cufon)
    6) Add in some basic enhancements like flat design support, parallax support
    7) Skins, Skins, Skins...I want to beef up the skin manager and get some useful skins and skin management features. The current 9 themes will be progressively transitioned to being 9 skins for a single BackStop theme
    8) I will make the theme 100% WordPress compliant and will consider the pros / cons of moving the theme into the WordPress repository

    NOTE: I will NOT be adding drag&drop page design...I believe that is progressively being added to the core and proprietary Drag & Drop themes will leave people with a complex and expensive migration process to a standard WordPress drag&drop base. BackStop Themes will evolve along with the WordPress core, take full advantage of the improving core theme support and maintain backward compatibility and auto-migration if required.

    Any bugs please report them to:

    Any general issues please report them to:

    That's is for now.

    Tim Hibberd
    Managing Director OnePressTech
    Founder BackStop Themes

    Posted 2 months ago #
  2. @OnePressTech: AWESOME!!!
    I just upgrade (replace) my old myriad with your BST-myriad v2.8.4 and it works out just FINE! It works with the lastest WP v4.8.1 and PHP v7.0.

    BTW, about the note of "drag&drop page design", I completely AGREE with you. Keep it simple just the way it is.. because it's what I like about MSMW themes. I also absolutely agree on focusing the theme a 100% WordPress compliant.

    And for your efforts and supports to make everything works.. again.. thanks a million!

    Posted 2 months ago #
  3. OnePressTech

    Cheers @babeh.

    Glad to see we're like minded. I forked MSMW to form BackStop Themes rather than switch to another theme because I was tired of theme developers making changes for their own amusement and making changes to keep ahead of the competition to make money. And none of them seem to have made an effort to promote a theme community. Add-ons don't count because that's just another commercial initiative. Genesis themes is probably the closest to a community-oriented theme I am aware of. I'm not saying there are not a lot of themes that welcome community participation but welcoming and promoting are two different things.

    I will continue to refine the BackStop Themes in a backward compatible fashion keeping the themes simple and simplifying further where I can. I won't be renaming anything so custom code people wrote can continue to work without modification. I will also be focusing on customizer and Gutenberg support.

    If you would like to be on the newsletter mailing list email me at


    PS: 2.8.5 at the end of the month. I'm just testing the autoupdate button so updating BackStop Themes is as simple as the themes in the repository.

    Posted 2 months ago #
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