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  1. OnePressTech

    Hi Everyone,

    Today I released BackStop Themes V2.8.3. This would have been V1.0.3 but I had to continue the legacy MSMW theme release numbering scheme or the WordPress Security checkers would flag security warnings and errors that were not there. They looked at the theme name and version number and went "oh...v1.0.3 that's older than the buggy MSMW themes". So with this release BackStop Themes version numbering restarts at V2.8.3.

    Noteworthy Changes:
    - Skin Manager now saves skin changes though I recommend saving as a new skin every time rather than update an existing skin
    - The Theme admin menu has been moved underneath the Appearance menu to be consistent with WordPress U.I. design and in preparation of a progressive move to using the customizer.
    - Almost all the ThemeChecker warnings and bugs have been eliminated.
    - There are no warnings or errors in the logfile with WordPress 4.8

    Do You Need to Update for WP4.8
    You should be able to remain on BackStop Themes V1.0.2 if you want to. It appears to be WP4.8 compatible. BackStop Themes V2.8.3 is just a cleaner version but they are functionally equivalent.

    I will be releasing V2.8.4 next month. That release will be one step closer to a completely clean up-to-date theme :-)

    Upcoming Release Objectives:
    1) Maintain backward compatibility (no database schema changes or HTML / CSS naming convention changes)
    2) Finish the clean-up
    3) Add an auto-update button
    4) Focus on making more use of the Customizer
    5) Add in Google Fonts support (I will continue to support the Cufon fonts as long as possible...the original developer of the Cufon code is ramping down due to lack of market interest in Cufon)
    6) Add in some basic enhancements like flat design support, parallax support
    7) Skins, Skins, Skins...I want to beef up the skin manager and get some useful skins and skin management features. The current 9 themes will be progressively transitioned to being 9 skins for a single BackStop theme
    8) I will make the theme 100% WordPress compliant and will consider the pros / cons of moving the theme into the WordPress repository

    NOTE: I will NOT be adding drag&drop page design...I believe that is progressively being added to the core and proprietary Drag & Drop themes will leave people with a complex and expensive migration process to a standard WordPress drag&drop base. BackStop Themes will evolve along with the WordPress core, take full advantage of the improving core theme support and maintain backward compatibility and auto-migration if required.

    Any bugs please report them to:

    Any general issues please report them to:

    That's is for now.

    Tim Hibberd
    Managing Director OnePressTech
    Founder BackStop Themes

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  2. OnePressTech

    Bump (to get above the forum spammers)

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