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  1. OnePressTech

    Quick status update:

    I have created the new BackStop themes WordPress multi-site website (there will be one site per theme for demos and testing) and I am in the process of setting up the new BackStop Themes to be downloadable as zipfiles as per common WordPress theme convention.

    Unfortunately I have tripped over some obscure WordPress and PHP conventions (all lowercase theme folder name...really what is this1960s DOS!!) - the techies will understand the reference :-)

    Additionally, in testing the new themes, the admin page is blank due to a jQuery conflict related to the sortable function (the techies will understand).

    So for the non-techies...think of this like renovating an old house. You can set a deadline but as you get into the work you find a board is rotten that you thought was sound and the zoning laws have changed since you last looked. It's like that with software. WordPress keeps changing the software framework as do other component suppliers. I have hit a few of those unforeseen glitches faster than I had anticipated.

    We'll get there. Patience :-)

    Kind regards,

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