Awake 2.2 - PrettyPhoto theme (rounded corners)

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  1. Strategerizer

    It wanted a way to have rounded corners for my lightbox. I see that Awake uses PrettyPhoto so I went to the official site to learn some more about that - Towards the bottom of the page they show screenshots with the 6 main themes "that you can choose from".

    Do you know how I can change the PrettyPhoto theme in Awake (looks like "Light Square Theme") with another one that has rounded corners? Are the theme files already somewhere part of the Awake files or I will need to get a new CSS folder/files to replace the existing one? Unfortunately, the PrettyPhoto documentation is not very clear so I hope you can point me in the right direction.


    Posted 3 years ago #
  2. Strategerizer

    I found the answer in another thread:

    I edited custom.js to have PrettyPhoto use another theme. Two things that came up:

    1) There seems to be a typo in the comments of custom.js that are listing the names of themes available; light_square is listed twice but light_rounded is not listed.

    Here is the original code in Awake 2.2:

    * prettyPhoto
    	jQuery("a[rel^='prettyPhoto'], a[rel^='lightbox']").prettyPhoto({
    		overlay_gallery: false, social_tools: '', 'theme': 'light_square' /* light_square / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square / facebook */

    2) PrettyPhoto shows their latest and best theme to be the new default one, listed as "pp_default". I tried entering that value for the theme in custom.js but it does not seem to be recognized. I assume the Awake code does not use the latest PrettyPhoto release and/or theme. Do you know if that is the case and if there is a way to get that new theme into Awake?


    Posted 3 years ago #
  3. Ruderic


    I already wrote you a description on how to update prettyPhoto in another thread. Once you update it, you will be able to use the new "default" style.

    Posted 3 years ago #
  4. simienap

    Hi there,
    Is the prettyPhoto "default" theme working in the "Fusion" Theme? How can I do this? I have already tried uploading the prettyPhoto "default" theme into the images folder and changed the theme in the scripts.js file but no dice. Then I tried changing the css and js files of the latest prettyPhoto files to update, emptied cache and still nothing.

    Posted 2 years ago #
  5. Elliott

    Hello simienap,

    You'll want to download the latest version of prettyPhoto from here,, and extract into /wp-content/themes/[your_theme]/lib/scripts/ to use the latest version.

    You'll then want to do this,

    Posted 2 years ago #


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