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  1. cshay


    I'm trying to use the fancy images to replicate my website design that used an image across the top of each page. My design didn't have any space, and my clients aren't happy with the white space that the AWAKE template has around the outside of the fancy images:

    See this link:

    I adjusted the image size in the shortcode.php file, but that doesn't seem to fully fix the padding around the outside of the image. Is there a CSS rule that controls that? If so, which one is it so that I can get rid of it and allow the image to go edge to edge (and be around 980px x 270px?

    Also, if I just wanted to pay someone to write some word press code that allowed me to utilize a full static image at the top of each page, how much does that typically cost? Do the tech support experts do this?

    Chris Shay

    Posted 3 years ago #
  2. Hi Chris!

    Which image are you talking about? This one?

    If so, there isn't any padding on it. You can create targeting the #new-header element. Let me know how do you want to place it so I can help you with the CSS code.

    About the full static image, that depends on the developer, but I think that it'll cost around $100-$150 since you can easily use Wordpress Featured image for this. You can find a good developer in the job boards out there :)


    Posted 2 years ago #


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