3th Party Shortcdes inside jQuery TABS shortcodes not working

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  1. Hello,

    we use the theme "Construct" and have problems with all 3th party shortcodes inside the jQuery TABS shortcode. Here an example:

    [tab title="tab1"]Content Shopping Card[/tab]
    [tab title="tab2"]Tab #2 Content[/tab]
    [tab title="tab3"]Tab #3 Content[/tab]

    The shortcode [digistore_yes_url] normaly create a specific link on frontend page, because we have installed the WP-Digistore-Plugin. The logged in user can click this link and navigate to the next page. but actualy the link in frontend looks like...


    Now when we put Shopping Card outside of the jQuery TABS the shortcode [digistore_yes_url] works well and the link in frontend is correct. That means there is a problem with 3th party shortcodes and all jQuery-Shortcodes from the Theme "Construct". The same problem is with jQuerry Toggles shortcodes, 3th party shortcodes would not be disbanded.

    Is there any small hack or code snippet to solve that?

    Best Regards

    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. 3rd party short code neews to be inside [raw] [/raw]
    ps you wont be getting support anymore that we are aware of

    Posted 1 year ago #


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